The following very nice auction will be conducted at the Williamsfield American Legion located at 222 IL Rt. 180 Williamsfield, IL (off of rt. 180 on the north edge of town), on 

SATURDAY AUGUST 20TH, 2022                     AT 10:00 A.M. 

NOTE: This is a nice quality gun auction with an amazing amount of ammo. FOID and ID required. Guns will be handled and held by Phil Albertson, Princeville, IL. A 12.00 handling fee per gun will be charged. Visit our website at for pictures and full ads. Since this is a gallery style auction, items may be sold in random order so plan to attend on time. 


GUNS: 1. Remington Targetmaster Model 41 22 cal. single shot #89290—2. Winfield Arms double barrel, double hammer 12 ga.—3. Bright Arms single shot 12 ga. #202354—4. Gustav Genschow Berlin 22 single shot #90081—5. Remington 1100 Bicentennial 1776-1976 semi auto, ribbed center site barrel, etched side #M376097V—6. New England Firearms Pardner Model SB1 single shot 410 #NA120203—7. Marlin semi auto 22 long rifle, barrel feed load #13502212—8. Stevens single shot 12 ga. #366VW—9. Winchester 1200 semi auto 12 ga. w/ribbed center site barrel#L997930—9A. Winchester Model 120 slug barrel—9B Winchester 1200 Winchoke barrel—10. Browning 308 rifle w/clip and sling lever action #12305K71—11. H & R 12 ga. single shot #AZ473058—12. New England Firearms Handi Rifle SB2 270 Win. w/Bushnell scope and sling #5701121—13. Remington Wingmaster Model 870 20 ga. pump—14. Remington Speedmaster Model 552 semi auto 22, barrel load—15. Sears Model 200 12 ga. pump #85657—16. Remington Model 1100 Magnum 12 ga. semi auto, ribbed site, etched sides #096193M—16B. Remington 12 ga. slug barrel, adj. site—17. New England Firearms Handi Rifle SB2 223 Rem. w/Weaver scope and sling, #NM313442—18. Stevens Model 94 series K 20 ga. single shot #B128862—19. Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891 Loewe Berlin 7.65 x 53 mm bolt action, flip site and sling #L3723—20. Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 ga. pump w/camo stalk #C692369M synthetic—21. Mossberg Model 183D-C bolt action 410—22. Winchester Model 67 single shot bolt action 22—23. New England Firearms Pardner Model SB1 20 ga. single shot #NM322321—24. Winchester Model 63 22 pump, barrel load #71324—25. Raven Arms Model P-25 25 cal. w/clip—26. Ruger Vaquero .45 cal #027010, #56-87215 revolver—27. Thompson Center Arms 44 Rem. Mag Super 14 #S43413—Bow Tech Mighty Mite compound bow w/arrows–#28. Ithaca model 37 Featherlite pump 20 ga. #732454-2—29. Glenfield Model 60 semi auto 22 cal. rifle, barrel load #24594019—30. JC Higgins .22 cal. pump pellet gun #02817—31. Nobel Model 60H 12 ga. pump, some rust—32. Shapleigh’s King Nitro 12 ga. single shot #29212XG—33. Winchester Model 12 pump 12-16 ga. #433812, 2 barrels—34. Westernfield Model M150A 410 bolt action—35. Regent, made in Germany, 22 cal. 8 shot revolver w/holster #33378—36. Nambu Japanese pistol semi auto Type 14? 8 x 22 mm Nambu w/original holster #47984—37. Daisy Power Line 856 pump BB pellet gun. 

AMMO: 1000 rds. Winchester-Remington shorts—1500 rds. Of 22 long & long rifle Federal, Winchester and Super X—ant. box of 16 Federal paper wrapped 410 7.5 shot—box Federal 2.5” 410 rifled slugs—100 rds. Of 410 shells, 2.5 and 3”, 4 and 6 shot—2 boxes Winchester 20 ga. 2 ¾ “ rifled slugs—13 boxes Remington, Federal, Winchester 2 ¾ and 12 ga. 4-6-7 ½ –3 boxes Federal, Winchester 12 ga. 2 ¾” rifle slugs—3 boxes Federal 12 ga. Hi Power buckshot—35 rds. Of Winchester and Hornady 44 mags—1 box 50 rds. Cowboy load 45 Colt—box of 20 Winchester 45 Colt Hollow pts.—60 rds. Winchester 45 Colts—60 rds. Winchester 308—90 rds Winchester 223 Remington–96 rds. Mauser 7.65mm x 54—100 rds. CC1 22 long rifle hollow point—100 rds. Independence 45 auto 230 gr—100 rds Winchester 380 auto 95gr.—can of BBs—Bushnell 22 scope, JC Higgins scope–shot gun plug removers—very nice hard and soft new gun cases—very nice hand-made leather belt/holster for revolver and other holsters—Gil Hebard gun book, Knoxville, IL–1 pack arrow components arrows—1 pack Grizzley 3 blade broadheads—1 pack Lightning 3 blade broadheads. 

TAXIDERMY AND MISC.: Very nice lg. stuffed Turkey, pheasant and beautiful 8 and 11 pt. buck deer mounts—sheds–2 Sentinal metal gun safes w/key—one nice wooden 8 gun cabinet w/bottom storage base—2 squirrel calls—2 complete NB deer ladder stands w/chairs–several gun cleaning kits—rubber butt pad—paper targets—Deer pins—gun catalogs and books—deer head engraved Zippo lighter—new men’s M Mossy Oak and Field Staff camo pants—L camo like new coats, Thinsulated orange jacket, camo gloves hats, shirts, jackets, coats, pants, etc.—lots of orange—2 boxes clay pigeons—much misc. 

KNIVES: Case foldable, Case XX 316-555p and other Case, Buck 119 in sheath, Coke 5 cent, parker Brothers, Federal Bullet, The Guardian CW140 lg. knife, ornate knife w/Dragon fish head in sheath, brass—Oriental sword w/metal sheath, Western Bros. Germany straight razor, Schrade Old Timer in sheath, coll. of folding and pocket knives, 3 blade knives, Swiss Army knife and many more.  



FOLGER’S AUCTION SERVICE, INC.—WILLIAMSFIELD, IL (JIM AND CATHIE GIBBS, JIM FOLGER)  Ph. 309-337-2150 and 309-368-6314  Email:  Cash, check, credit card.