The following amazing LIVE auction will be conducted at the Millbrook Community Center Building in Laura, IL (Right off of Rt. 78 in the NE corner of Laura), on 

SATURDAY JUNE 17TH, 2023                           AT 10:00 A.M. 


NOTE: All guns will be held and handled by Phil Albertson, Princeville, IL. Background checks will be run. All FOID cards and ID will be required auction day. A $12.00 fee per gun will be charged for handling fees. Guns will be sold in the order of the catalog and will sell right at 10:00 a.m., followed by the taxidermy then the ammo, traps, etc. See pictures and print the catalog online at 

GUNS: 1 Colt auto. 32 pistol w/clip 2. Colt auto. 22LR pistol 3. S & W .455 cal. revolver 4. Starr Army revolver 44 cal. w/orig. leather holster 5. B.C. Miroku Charles Daly 28 ga. over/under 6. Winchester 410 Model 42 pump 7. Ithaca 12 ga. model 37 pump 8. Browning 22 short semi auto w/scope 9. HyScore air rifle model 806 10. Martin 22 lever action w/scope 11. Remington model 722 222 bolt action w/scope 12. US long rifle bolt action w/scope and clip 13. Old black powder hex barrel, flip scope, rough 14. Old Red Ryder BB gun 15. Plainsman pellet gun 16. Dairsy #25 pump BB gun 17. Parts only BB gun 18. Daisy #25 pump BB gun 19. Daisy #25 pump BB gun 20. Sheridan pellet air gun 21. Daisy Powerline model 880 21A. pellet air gun 22. Merican double barrel w/hammers 410? 23. Winchester 22 model 9422M lever action w/scope 24. Springfield US Army model 1903 A2 bolt action 25. Winchester model 1912 12 ga. pump 26. Remington model 541-S bolt action w/clip, scope and sling 27. Ithaca model 37 featherlite 12 ga. Deerslayer 28. Winchester 1917 Enfield 29. US 98 Mauser w/scope 30. US Springfield Armory 1903 bolt action, adj. site—31. Winchester 32 WCF hex barrel lever action—32. Winchester Model 52 22 LR bolt action w/scope—33. Remington 12 ga. pump—34. Winchester model 52 22 LR w/scope—35. Browning 20 ga. semi auto—36. Remington 12 ga. model 11 semi auto—37. Ruger model 10-22 w/clip and scope—38. Slugmaster 12 ga. model 512P bolt action w/scope—A. Makarov 380—B. New Kimber Micro 9—C. new Springfield Hellcat 9—D. new Kimber TLE II 45—E. new S & W 686 357—F. new S & W M & P 9–G. new S & W Victory 22LR—H. S & W CSX 9—I. new Ruger Max 9—J. new Ruger LCP max—K. new Browning 1911 380—K. Daisy Model 25 BB gun—39. Belgium #5212A double barrel 12 ga.—40. Winchester 20 ga. model 37 single shot—41. Lifever Arms double barrel 12 ga.—42. Winchester 22LR model 490 semi auto.—43. Eastern Arms 16 ga. single shot—44. Ruger LCP .380 w/clip—45. 1851 Colt Cap and Ball Navy #12503 7 ½ barrel w/holster—46. Iver Johnson 22 cal. TP w/clip—47. Llama 22 cal. w/clip—48. Bauer auto 22 cal. w/clip—49. S & W model 39-2 9mm—50. Ruger 357 Magnum—51. Carl Walter PPK/S 22 cal. w/clip—52. Colt model single 6 22 calibur. 

AMMO, MISC. 9mm bullets, 380 auto, 357, 45 auto bullets, 9 bags w/50 rds. each and other 38 special bullets, 380 auto, 38 special shot shells, 22 LR bullets, 25 auto, 1 box 20 ga. shot gun shells 5 shot, 25 auto, 22 maxi mag shot shells, 22 short blanks, 22 mag rim bullets, misc.—16 brand new 50 cal. ammo cans—black powder leather bag w/balls, caps, flask, powder—several leather holsters, ammo belts, clips and holders, leather ammo holders—wooden pistol grips, cleaning kit, etc.  TRAPS: Lg. collection of small animal traps of a variety of brands and types, leg, Conibear, etc. (see pictures online). 

TAXIDERMY: Very nice pieces including a Lynx, female and male moose, wild Boar, 8 pt. buck mount and more. See pictures online. 



FOLGER’S AUCTION SERVICE, INC. (JIM AND CATHIE GIBBS–OWNERS, JIM FOLGER), Williamsfield, IL Ph. 309-337-2150 and 309-368-6314  Email:   Cash, check or credit card. (3% bank fee on cards). Lunched served by Rookies.